What does it feel like to work with the elements? What draws you to nature, the dead and why?

I've always had a deep connection and affinity with nature and animals. I feel that I am most content and at peace while exploring wooded forests, hiking, camping, being outdoors and connecting with the world around me. Nature has a way of cleansing the spirit and reminding us of who we are and where we come from.

 I've traveled quite a bit. I guess you could say I'm more or less a gypsy. I've never been bound to one place for very long. I guess this way of living came natural to me as I began performing music at a really young age and traveling to various locations around the country to perform. These performances were usually held at festivals and were weekend events. We would camp, sing, play music by the fire and explore the open landscape around us. 

Collecting bones and skulls became a natural occurrence for me. When I work with what I find on my journey, I feel that I am honoring nature and its inhabitants. When I find remnants of the dead and embellish them with crystals and gems i feel as though I'm bringing them back to life to be appreciated, honored and remembered while also preserving their uniqueness which every living creature is inherently born with.