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Toad - Coin Purse

Toad - Coin Purse

Real Sugar Cane Toad, Full-Body Coin Purse, *High Quality Leather*, Species: Rhinella Marina, Witchy, Cruelty-Free, Coin Purse Wearable Pouch.

Materials: Genuine leather Toad, Eyeballers, Zipper, Braided cord.

The toads used to make these bags were killed in an effort to curb the rampant Cane toad population in places where this invasive amphibian has unfortunately been causing serious ecological harm.

Each purse is made from a genuine Cane toad, so their exact shape and size will vary slightly- as will their facial expressions!

POUCH SIZE: the pouches on these toads vary as they are a natural product, but measuring approximately 2”-2.5” wide by 3.5”-4” long.
Perfect size for cash, cards, chapstick, crystals, or any other trinkets you want to carry around! These toad pouches are NOT large enough to carry a smart phone in most cases.