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White Serpentine Snake Vertebrae - Bone Choker

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White Serpentine Snake Vertebrae - Bone Choker

Serpentine black, snake vertebrae, bone choker/necklace.

Real White Snake Vertebrae Choker Necklace, 7-12mm, 18 inches plus with 55 vertebrae bones.

This necklace is made from real snake vertebrae bone that have been soaked and cleaned in hydrogen peroxide to a beautiful bleached white bone color. The single vertebrae bone interlock and give the movement of a real snake crawling through the ground. The necklace is approximately 18 inches and it has a sliding adjustable knot to make it longer. It can also be used as a hat band.

*** All our animal bones and skulls are ethically sourced from cruelty free venders. Visit our FAQ page for more information.